About the Projects

A majority of the projects I have uploaded on this website started off as a mobile game with google android acting as the target platform. The game projects were created with the simple idea of developing small mobile games on the go. A lot of my Inspiration is drawn from coin-operated arcade cabinets, and the relatively simple gaming experience they offer. The projects I have uploaded have been rebuilt to target the computer desktop with Microsoft Windows 10 acting as the target platform. This does not mean everything went smoothly in switching platforms. I did manage to go back into the projects, and fix a few things to enable a better desktop experience. Once I have finished uploading my projects I will look into what else I can upload along with more recent updates on anything I may be working on at the moment.

While the games do function as intended I have not, and I am not able to test them out on the Linux, and macOS platforms due to the time it would require, and hardware limitations. The projects were built with Unity3D, and are in the process of being rebuilt / updated to Unity3D version 2019.4.0f1.

A small selection of more light-weight video game projects are available to play in your web browser as long as Unity 3D WebGL is supported. Click Here to check support. The WebGL versions are not mobile friendly.