Download Requirements : A 64-bit version of Windows, Linux, or macOS with a graphics card capable of running simple 2D / 3D games || Play Online requirements: a modern web browser with Unity Web Player support (Controls for most games use W,A,S,D, Space bar, and/or mouse)

The projects are provided as-is, and there is a possibility you may encounter a bug. A majority of these projects started out as google android projects, and rebuilt for the Desktop. I have not tested the Linux, or macOS ports.

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Simple Blackjack

Simple Blackjack isva simplistic representation of the playing card game. It features a simple ‘Draw’ and ‘End’ system along with very basic game rules. The player who draws 21, and/or has a higher card score wins.

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Robopush is the first, and earliest project ever worked on. A very simplistic 2D platform video game in which the goal is to reach the flag at the end of every level. Use the boxed crates along the way to help reach your goal. After many revisions this is the final build.

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Galaxy Zone X 2

Galaxy Zone X 2 is meant to be a sequel to Galaxy Zone X (another space shooter that was built prior). The game play consists of enemy waves that spawn faster, and more frequent as you advance levels. The game features a pause / menu system.

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Robo Match

Robo Match is a game where you guide a little robot to match the correct box with the light that appears at the top of the conveyor belt. The further you advance the faster the game starts to speed up.

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Project Isolation

Project Isolation A 3D first person sci fi action adventure game. The game features four playable levels, basic save system, sound effects, aliens, ammo, and health pickups. This project was an experimentation in 3D game building using Unity3D.

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Galaxy Defender 3D

Galaxy Defender 3D is a 3D arcade inspired space shooter. Flying enemy ships will come at you, and it’s your task to take them down. Galaxy Defender is part of the ‘Galaxy Zone’ series. The game features three levels along three difficulty settings.

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Primitive Combat Simulation

Primitive Combat Simulation was born out of one reason only; I did not have a machine / game console to run Doom (2016). I was determined to create a simplistic clone, and this was the result. The game features 11 levels, robots, and basic first person controls, and movement.

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Galaxy Zone X

Galaxy Zone X is the first entry, and the start of the ‘Galaxy Zone’ series of games — which consists a group of space shooters. This is a space shooter with basic game play elements that consists of moving the player ship, and firing your laser at the enemy ships.

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The Jumping Adventure

The Jumping Adventure is 2D side scrolling platform game. You have basic commands like jumping, and moving left, and right. On top of that you can place boxes within the game to jump on, and the game features enemies to avoid. There is a simple save system. I personally had fun working on this project, and it’s a personal favorite. Enjoy.

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