31 Days of Swift Apps

The 31 days of Swift Apps started off as a simple idea of writing one program in Swift everyday, and sharing it on my website. The process behind this was basic, and simple: What can I come up with in under an hour, and a half? Apparently… whatever I felt. 

In the beginning this seemed easy, and motivation was at an all time high. As time went on however, it became apparent that this was not as easy as I thought it would be, and coming up with new ideas every day was quickly becoming tough. I’m pretty sure I snuck in several “Hello, World’s” lol.

I’m not fluent in Swift at all, and I still don’t feel quite comfortable programming in it all too much, so most of the code in the apps is very basic. I was trying to figure out the swift language as I went along, and ‘The Swift Programming Language’ book was helpful along with the ‘Developer Documentation’ in Xcode for certain Swift UI things. There might be one project that used Story Board, but the rest were Swift UI. 

Overall the quality of the apps varies in quality, but I’m still proud of my attempt.