My name is Christopher M. and I’ve been dabbling, and learning about computers since I was about 12 (I am 32 yrs old at the time of writing this), and attempting to write code since I was about 14. At the moment my day job is in retail. I never attended a University, so I do not hold a degree in anything computer related, but writing code to me is a hobby I’ve always enjoyed. At the moment I have been dabbling in Xcode, and trying to learn a bit of Swift along the way. 

My current setup is a MacBook Pro with the M1. I wanted to keep it simple after many years of always owning a speedy gaming machine.

Creatisoft is an independent, and personal hobby game development website. The purpose of the website is to share my software, and anything I may be working on. I began putting together small projects in 2015, and continue to do so on occasion.

The Creatisoft’ name comes from the merging of the words ‘Creative’, and ‘Software’.

If you wish too contact me you may do so with the links below:

contact: [email protected]

twitter: @Creatisoft

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