Ads, and more.

I was recently approved to display ads on the website, and I have taken the opportunity to do so as a way to earn a bit of income to help with the website. I have tried to place the ads in places where they will not interfere too much, but also in a spot where you can still be aware of them. If you use an ad-blocker, then I encourage you to keep doing so, and there is no need to turn it off.

I have completed the ‘Game Projects‘ page, as stated in a previous post, and will not continue to update it. I have shifted my focus on the ‘Projects Corner‘ page instead.

What is the ‘Projects Corner‘ page? The ‘Projects Corner‘ page is simply a place for me to share whatever I have worked on, or I am currently working on. I am not someone who finds it easy to share my work with others — let alone posting it on the internet, but this way It will encourage me to post more, and share more often.

Going back to the projects, and updating them is a bit time consuming since most of the projects were done in an older version of Unity3D. I tend to stick to an LTS version of the game engine for stability purposes, and consistency. I am currently using version 2018.4.12f1.

Stay tuned for more blog updates, and website updates.