December update #2: Apple Silicon M1

The new computer arrived about two weeks ago. It is a Mac mini powered by Apple silicon M1. It is the base model with 8gb of ram, and 256gb of disk space.

The software I installed for my basic workflow includes Xcode, Unity 3D(version:2020.2.0b14), Visual Studio, and Pinta. All of these programs are the Intel based versions, and run at near native speeds. After a few weeks of everyday usage I can safely say this computer fits my needs. I am tinkering with a small project in 2D at the moment along with using Visual Studio to edit my scripts.

There are no plans on porting any older projects for macOS, and new projects going forward will have the Mac mini as the target platform first followed by other ports. This is the last update for the year, and wish everyone a soon to be Happy New Year, and to a better year in 2021!

-Chris. Creatisoft.

one last thing. The M1 Mac mini is very fast. It’s mind boggling fast.