“Elevator Game”

The “Elevator Game” is a simple 2D platform game with the purpose of collecting the key, and opening the lock once you have the key in your inventory.

Keyboard “A” and “D” to MOVE the player.
Keyboard Spacebar to JUMP.
Keyboard “L” to move the Elevator.

How to Play:
Jumping on the button will take the elevator to the floor that corresponds to the colour of the button. For example if the button is blue, and you jump on it, when you get on the elevator it will take you to the blue floor level.

The game project was created in Unity3D version 2021.3.16 LTS, and on macOS version 13.3 with an M1 chip. Art graphics are taken from the Kenney platform pack found on opengameart.

This project can serve as a simple starter project for someone else to finish up if they chose too. The game project is missing sound effects, music, and animations. The game project does work as intended, but I will not be updating it any further. I have also provided the project source file for anyone who is looking to hack away at it, and learn from it.

The purpose of creating this project was to practice using Unity3D, along with computer programming, adding this to my portfolio of games, and to share with anyone who stumbles upon it.

-Christopher M.