Download Requirements: A 64-bit version of Windows, Linux, or macOS with a graphics card capable of running simple 2D / 3D games.

Some of the games can be played within your web browser on a desktop. Click here for a compatibility chart.  Controls for most games use W/A/S/D, Spacebar, and/or mouse click 1).

The binary downloads contain a text file with more info.


These projects date from 2015 to 2017, and mainly built with several Unity3D 5.x.x versions targeting android phones. The desktop game binaries provided for download are built with LTS version 2018.4.12; WebGL as well. 

The binaries are provided as-is, and there is a possibility you may encounter bugs. I have not tested the Linux, or macOS ports. 

Have fun. 

If there is a demand I will look into the potential of adding project files on patreon.