Project Prototype update ver. 0.5.0

What it is?

Project Prototype” is a Third-Person / First-Person 3D prototype I built to learn, and experiment with. You can walk, jump, and shoot a projectile to interact with the objects in the level.

How do I play it?

  • W / S – Move Player
  • A / D or Mouse – Look Around
  • Mouse Right Click – First-Person view
  • Mouse Left Click– Fire Project Tile
  • Spacebar – Jump

Ver. 0.5.0 update notes:

  • Fixed player not moving with platform
  • Added coins for the player to collect
  • Started the creation of a second level
  • Re-worked UI
  • Added coin animation, coin points amount
  • Added ammo box pickup
  • Features one playable demo level at the moment
  • Added an out of bounds box, and scene restart
  • DualSense Controller Support removed.
  • No sound effects yet. This will be implement in a future update.

Project Notes:

  • Created in Unity version 6 preview.
  • Art assets by Katkit.