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  • Welcome to Seattle.

    It has been almost just about a year since my last blog update. I guess time just flies by until it catches up to you (or you work overnights). I moved to Seattle from Chicago on October 1st of 2021. Not knowing anyone in this state, and it hasn’t been exactly the easiest, but I […]

  • 31 Days of Swift Apps

    The 31 days of Swift Apps started off as a simple idea of writing one program in Swift everyday, and sharing it on my website. The process behind this was basic, and simple: What can I come up with in under an hour, and a half? Apparently… whatever I felt.  In the beginning this seemed […]

  • Website: lost, and found.

    So, on Sunday, December 12, 2021 I logged into my account, and managed to completely nuke my website. I do suspect it was me trying to “fix” / dismiss a SSL warning, and some configuration got messed up in the process. Now, i’m not into web dev, and I can google my way around, but […]