The Arrival.

I arrived in Washington State on the 1st of October. I proceeded to spend the next couple of weeks looking, and finally securing myself an apartment on the 22nd of October in Seattle.

What I didn’t expect was the amount of stress I would endure during this entire process. I thought I had everything planned, and prepared for. I had saved enough for the hotel I would be staying at plus the months worth of rent I would need to pay upfront along with acquiring the things I would need for my apartment; which isn’t much at the moment, but enough to make me feel comfortable. Yet the stress is still there, and throwing me on a loop. The next step now is trying to find work. I don’t know what my next moves are at the moment. I’ve only ever worked retail my entire life, and nothing computer related, or programming wise, but here I am running this website.

I didn’t expect depression, and anxiety to make such a drastic appearance once again, but I’m very familiar with them, and I am currently currently getting help for this. I thought I was strong enough for this transition, but I guess I wasn’t, but I also don’t regret moving to this state at all. Lately I’ve been just taking walks, and exploring the area around me.

I do still have ideas, and projects I want to work on, but sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. There was something I was working on a couple of weeks back, but I haven’t finished, and it’s not soo much a game, but just an idea that just popped into my mind, and I wanted to flesh it out a bit. I do feel unmotivated at times, but the passion still remains. I suppose discipline is needed, and my main driver is still a MacBook Pro M1.

“The Office”

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