This website is outdated.

The video game software projects on this website are starting to become outdated. It has been a while since I posted anything new, or started working on any new projects in almost a year now.

Time manages to slip by, and real life starts to take over. Holding down a day job leaves little to no motivation, and time to update, or work on anything new. This entire website started as a side hobby to reach a personal goal I had, and overall I am very happy with how things have turned out in the end.

In December 2020 I managed to finally buy new hardware, and initially purchased a Mac mini with the M1 chip, and as of a few weeks ago I switched over to a MacBook Pro for portability reasons. During that time I have trying to better understand Swift iOS / Mac programming with Xcode.

So, then what’s the future of this website? Will I still continue to update it with new projects / games?

Yes, but give it some time. The website will go through changes as well.