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  • This website is outdated.

    The video game software projects on this website are starting to become outdated. It has been a while since I posted anything new, or started working on any new projects in almost a year now. Time manages to slip by, and real life starts to take over. Holding down a day job leaves little to […]

  • It’s March.

    I have no new updates, or any new projects I’m working on. I have been dabbling with the edX.org courses, and earning a couple of certificates. This has been one of my personal goals for the year. Keep in mind that new game project releases going further will be targeted towards Apple Silicon exclusively. More […]

  • December update #2: Apple Silicon M1

    The new computer arrived about two weeks ago. It is a Mac mini powered by Apple silicon M1. It is the base model with 8gb of ram, and 256gb of disk space. The software I installed for my basic workflow includes Xcode, Unity 3D(version:2020.2.0b14), Visual Studio, and Pinta. All of these programs are the Intel […]