Burger Chris

Burger Chris

What it is?

Burger Chris” is a simple arcade-style game where the objective is to get the food in the bag, and score points! 

How do I play it?

Simply move Chris underneath the item you want to drop, and press the up arrow ⬆️. To move Chris left and right use the Left ⬅️, and Right ➡️ arrow keys. It’s that simple!


  • easy controls
  • catchy music, and sound effects
  • score system
  • simple gameplay

Project Notes:

  • Created in Unity version 2022.3.14 LTS
  • Art assets from Kenney,  and KayKit.
  • Christopher is my first name.
  • Started on January 1st 2024 as a new years resolution project.
  • Inspired by various food games I enjoy playing.

Source code:

  • Project files are available as a purchase.
  • Provided as-is with no support.
  • Yours to keep.

(release date: 1-24-2024)