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  • Project Prototype

    Project Prototype

    What it is? “Project Prototype” is a Third-Person / First-Person 3D prototype I built to learn, and experiment with. You can walk, jump, and shoot a projectile to interact with the objects in the level. How do I play it? Features: Project Notes: Source code: Download Project Prototype by Creatisoft (release date: 02-13-2024)

  • [re:Build]Website updates

    What is [re:Build]?: Some projects will carry the “[re:Build]” title attached to them, and what this basically means is the project was imported into a current modern version of Unity to give it an upgrade. The reason I’m doing it is because I find it fun, and interesting to revisit older projects, and compare how…

  • JukeBox Football [re:Build]

    JukeBox Football [re:Build]

    What it is? “Jukebox Football [re:Build]” is simple arcade-style game where the objective is to catch the ball!  What does the [re:Build] part mean? Simply put I rebuilt the project. It was a project I had laying around on a backup drive, and decided to release it along with upgrading the project to a more current version…

  • Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]

    Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]

    Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build] What it is? “Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]” is the classic game of the same name! The only objective here is to have a bit of fun! What does the [re:Build] part mean? Simply put I rebuilt the project. It was a project I had laying around on a external drive, I…

  • Unity: “Code Editor Application”

    Unity: “Code Editor Application”

    I was opening up an older project ( I believe it was a project from version 2020.X.X ) , and came across the error below: After some quick searching around It turned out I needed to install the Visual Studio package in Unity. If I had to guess as to why this error came up…

  • Burger Chris

    Burger Chris

    Burger Chris What it is? “Burger Chris” is a simple arcade-style game where the objective is to get the food in the bag, and score points!  How do I play it? Simply move Chris underneath the item you want to drop, and press the up arrow ⬆️. To move Chris left and right use the…

  • Tutorial: Setup SDL 2 + Xcode

    Tutorial: Setup SDL 2 + Xcode

    Setup 1: Head on over to https://brew.sh/ read the instructions, and install. Setup 2: Once finished. Open up “Terminal” and install SDL2 with the command below. Setup 3: Create a new project in Xcode. Setup 4: Select “Command Line Tool” template. Setup 5: Choose a name for your project, and under language select “C”. Setup…

  • Website Update

    Website Update

    Happy New Years! It’s officially a new year! and along with this new year I wanted to post a small update regarding the website. One of the first things I want to do going forward is updating the website with more content more frequently. I realize I seldomly update the website with new content, and…

  • “Elevator Game”

    “Elevator Game”

    The “Elevator Game” is a simple 2D platform game with the purpose of collecting the key, and opening the lock once you have the key in your inventory. Controls:Keyboard “A” and “D” to MOVE the player.Keyboard Spacebar to JUMP.Keyboard “L” to move the Elevator. How to Play:Jumping on the button will take the elevator to…