Project Prototype

What it is?

Project Prototype” is a Third-Person / First-Person 3D prototype I built to learn, and experiment with. You can walk, jump, and shoot a projectile to interact with the objects in the level.

How do I play it?

  • Left Analog – Move Player
  • Right Analog – Look Around
  • L1 – First-Person view
  • R1 – Fire Project Tile
  • X button – Jump


  • small level.
  • easy controls.
  • first-person view.
  • third-person view.
  • DualSense Controller Support only!

Project Notes:

  • Created in Unity version 2022.3.18 LTS.
  • Art assets by katkit.

Source code:

  • Provided as-is with no support.
  • Yours to keep.

(release date: 02-13-2024)