[re:Build]Website updates

What is [re:Build]?:

Some projects will carry the “[re:Build]” title attached to them, and what this basically means is the project was imported into a current modern version of Unity to give it an upgrade.

The reason I’m doing it is because I find it fun, and interesting to revisit older projects, and compare how much I have learned, and progressed since then.

So far I have had success, and I was able to import Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]“, and “Jukebox Football[re:Build]” easily, but I don’t think this will be the case going forward. These two games were built on a slightly older, but more modern version of Unity. The older the title the older the version of Unity, and that will probably start to pose some interesting challenges.

You can find a list of those titles that were created between 2014 – 2022 here

Project News:

I have started to lay down the foundation of a new 3D project in Unity, but I have nothing further to share at the moment about that. On the other hand, I am currently building a new game project in RPG Maker VX Ace, so stay tuned for more!