Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]

Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]

What it is?

Paper, Rock, Scissors [re:Build]” is the classic game of the same name! The only objective here is to have a bit of fun! What does the [re:Build] part mean? Simply put I rebuilt the project. It was a project I had laying around on a external drive, I and decided to release it along with upgrading the project to a more current version of Unity.

How do I play it?

Select which object you want to use, and the CPU will automatically select an object of its own. It’s that simple!


  • easy controls.
  • catchy music, and sound effects.
  • simple gameplay.

Project Notes:

  • Created in Unity version 2022.3.18 LTS
  • Art assets created by me.
  • Originally created in Unity 2020.3.19 LTS
  • From the package manager I imported the Textmesh Pro, Unity UI, and Visual Studio plugins to get the project to even compile / display properly.
  • created for fun, and to practice.

Source code:

  • Provided as-is with no support.
  • Yours to keep.

(release date: 02-05-2024)